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Have you considered starting your own RTO and don’t know where to start or obtain the information required to become a Registered Training Organisation? Have you been operating as an RTO in the VET sector and want to increase your scope of registration to meet your client needs but not sure what to do?

We are experts in what it takes to setup an RTO and increase your scope of registration because of our knowledge relating to:

  • Australia’s national RTO’s
  • the AQF Essential Conditions and Standards for Registration (Australian Qualification Framework)
  • the ASQA Guidelines (Australian Skills Quality Authority) -includes all States
  • the VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers (Victorian Registration Qualification Authority)
  • what must be met in order to deliver and assess nationally recognised training and issue nationally recognised qualifications

RTO Set Up and Registration

We will work with you to develop a Quality Management System (QMS) that will get you ready for registration.

We will develop the documentation that you are required to submit for your business to become an RTO.

We can help you find the right Student Management System and help you implement it.

Functions in your business that require documentation are:

  • Business and Quality
  • Human Resources
  • Training and Assessment
  • Student Management

We provide three set up options:

1. Full service where we do it all for you with your imput.

2. Provide you with a Quality Management System that you customise to suit your RTO.

3. Review your customised set up system to ensure compliance and provide recommendations.

Increase Scope of Registration

We will help you determine if your current scope is meeting the needs of your business and clients

We do this by:

  • analysing your scope of registration
  • conducting a training needs analysis
  • reviewing your business case to support your application
  • providing recommendations for identified gaps
  • assisting in sourcing resources for development and delivery of qualifications

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