Why Do You Need Us?

The process for a new RTO can be overwhelming, at Complete RTO Solutions we ease the process for you to become an RTO.

The Government requires you to be audited and evaluated by the State or Territory training authority in accordance with a set of national standards known as the ‘Vet Quality Framework. Many RTO’s try to navigate this by themselves with limited knowledge. At Complete RTO we help you get where you need to be and provide ongoing support to our clients:

We provide new RTO’s ongoing support for the first 12 months.

We provide our existing RTO’s with our cost effective RTO consultancy, management training and compliance services to ensure that your RTO is ready anytime for a spot audit.

Our Team are industry experts with national experience in all aspects of post compulsory education, learning & development. We support our client’s with operational and government applications.

Be the Best!

At Complete RTO, we are passionate about helping your training organisation be the best out there. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge base in Government compliance and auditing.

Proudly Australian owned, we want to help you avoid many of the challenges and pitfalls in getting your RTO off the ground, and also provide ongoing assistance in the future to keep you registered and compliant.


Complete RTO Solutions has been around the VET industry for over eighteen years and provide specialist consultancy in clear language that will help you make sense of national regulatory requirements. We have a team of qualified Compliance Managers, Trainer, Assessors, Lead Auditors and RTO operations Specialist, Our team of specialist will review your RTO objectives whether you are a new or existing RTO. We provide an extensive evaluation on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to ensure that your RTO can sustain itself through the ever changing education industry.


Registration to be an RTO is costly and can be a long drawn out process. Complete RTO Solutions are cost effective and will not charge you for anything that is not required and will provide an alternative solution based on your budget. We will do a thorough investigation of all your business requirements. The professional and friendly team at Complete RTO don’t stop at the initial audit but will continue to walk you through the entire registration and compliance process.