RTO Recruitment & HR

A large part of setting up your RTO is having the right trainers and assessors delivering your courses.

We can advise you on the requirements needed for your staff and also give you the tools you need to recruit the right people for your RTO. Another part of what we offer, is providing specialised HR information and coaching on finding the right trainers for your RTO.


Also having the right administrators to report and process student enrolments, who need to know government requirements. We can ensure your administration and office staff are trained correctly.


We can also provide you with the correct information needed for all trainers and assessors in the VET Training sector, with clear recommendations to keep your staff compliant with ongoing business standards. We have a range of great Professional Development Programs designed to suit the individual needs of your staff and RTO.


We can also write customised programs tailored to your unique organisation and help develop policies and procedures throughout your RTO.


Having the right staff is essential in keeping your RTO compliant and correctly registered.